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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
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On 8 Sep 2011, at 19:30, Eddie Climo wrote:

> On 2011 Gwn 8, at 09:24, nicholas williams wrote:
>> In the Gaelic of Scotland the same name has a long L 
> It doesn't have a long L in the Scots Gaelic that I learned.

Perhaps not, but there are at least six different realizations of /l/ in Scotland. You probably learned [lˠ̪] which is most common, but [lˠ̪w]~[wlˠ̪] and [u̯ˠ] and [ð]~[ðˠ] and [t̪ˠ]~[t̪ˠlˠ̪] and [w]~[ʊ̯] are found. Perhaps it is this second-to-last one (from Islay) that is what Nicholas is referring to in terms of Donall/Donald. 

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