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Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
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On 2011 Gwn 8, at 09:31, Ray Chubb wrote:
> …I commend what is being done with KS and value the further discussion on this list but at the end of the day it is kite-flying and, at the moment, no one can predict which way the revival will go.

'Kite-flying' indeed. It may be worth remembering these observations about KS:
— it's only being written by Nicholas,
— it's only being published by Evertype,
— it's not being used (afaik) in any Cornish classes,
— there is no single concensus about the details of KS, even within the Spellyans forum,
— it is uncertain how many of KS's (non-consensual) recommendations may be accepted by the 2013 SWF Review. Personally, I do not believe that mandatory diacritics will find much acceptance with the wider Cornish writing community. But perhaps that's no more than me projecting my own derogation of them onto others.

There's a Danish proverb (at least, according to a cook-book on my shelf) that agrees with Ray's statement, and that says, "Prediction is always difficult, but especially prediction of the future," With that caveat in mind, my observations and 'prediction', fwtw, go like this:

—UCR: linguistically successful, but not widely accepted and now discarded by its creator.
—KS1: linguistically successful, but rejected by the Commission, and now discarded by its creators.
— KS2 (post 2013): see above.

Given such a state of FUD, I shall stick with what's tried and tested, despite its flaws: Unified Cornish.

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