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We have previously seen, examples of «eff» for "he" / "him".

I doubt that these were always intended to be pronounced [ɛv].
Presumably, there were two or more pronunciations. Maybe, it was [ɛv] before
a vowel. Maybe it was [e:v] when stressed; [ɛf] or [ɛ] when unstressed.
Maybe it was local variation or temporal variation. I don't know. However,
the pronunciation [ɛf] may be correct - at least sometimes.

The ending «-v» may 'make Cornish more accessible to learners'* but it's not
as authentic as «-f».

I suspect that KS2 uses «-v» when stressed mainly because the SWF does, and 
KS2 was
originally designed to fix the SWF as minimally as possible - so as to gain
maximum acceptance in 2013. If KS2 is largely rejected in 2013, I'd like to
see KS3 return to «-f», i.e. as in KS1.

Of course, if KS2 is mainly accepted, "Congratulations!", then leave well 

[* This is simply making Cornish more like English to make it easier for
English speakers to learn, possibly at the expense of authenticity.]


Andrew J. Trim

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On 8 Gwn 2011, at 11:22, Michael Everson wrote:

> Yes, it is. Listen to revivalists say [ɛf] instead of [ɛv] for  "ef". They
> do it. It really *is* too difficult for people to  remember to give final
> 'f' an 'v' sound. It's also too difficult for  them to remember that
> "pryf" is [priːv] not [prɪf]. That is why we  write "prÿv" in KS.

Next question how, strong should the 'v' sound be?  Is it simply a
closing of the lips or is it a 'v' with a bit of a buzz in it?  In
truth we will never know. Perhaps what you are hearing from speakers
is in fact correct.  This is the reason why Nance took the right
approach when he stuck, as far as possible, to his sources.

Ray Chubb


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