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We appear to be at cross purposes.
Skynnya and skydnya are the same verb. The word means 'descend'.

There is also a verb yskynna (not yskynnya) which means 'ascend'.

There is also a verb dyeskynna (dyeskenna) 'descend'.

I do not dispute any of this.

My point is simply as follows:
Skynnya, skydnya does not mean 'ascend' as claimed by the SWF glossary. Yskynna does. Skynnya/skydnya means 'descend', though the
SWF glossary wrongly says it is the same verb as yskynna and means 'ascend'.

Dyeskynna with prefix dy and without y in the vn means 'descend' but is replaced by skynnya, skydnya from BM onwards.
When that happens, it is no longer possible to use yskynna 'ascend' since the risk of confusion is too great: yskynna 'to ascend', ev a yskyn 'he will ascend' ~ skynnya 'to descend', ev a skynn 'he descends'. Ev a yskyn and ev a skynn are dangerously close in sound.

Yskynna seems therefore to be replaced by ascendya, assendia.
Assendia occurs twice in BM; assendia occurs once in TH; ascendia occurs twice in SA.

I am just sorry that I haven't been clearer.


On 2011 Gwn 9, at 16:20, Jon Mills wrote:

> But these two examples appear to attest both forms, skynnya and yskydnyow, yet they are both translated 'descend'.

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