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I am relieved you agree with me on this point. 
It might be wise to recommend <e> rather than <eu> in ynkleudhyas as well. There is no warrant for <eu>. The stressed vowel is either [e] or [i]:

y anclethyas mar uskys ‘to bury him so quickly’ OM 869; the anclethyas crystenyon ‘to bury Christians’ PC 1564; y enclethyes vye da ‘it would be good to bury him’ PC 3103; may hallo bos anclethys ‘so that he can be buried’ RD 3115; ef a vyth sur anclethys ‘he will indeed be buried’ PC 3134; an corf ker the anclethyas ‘to bury the beloved body’ PC 3140; cummyas grantyys thy’m yma th’y anclethyas yn lowen ‘I have been granted permission to bury him joyfully’ PC 3146-47; parys rag y enclethyes ‘ready to bury him’ PC 3161; ihesu a fue anclethyys ‘Jesus was buried’ RD 1; me a wruk y anclethyes ‘I buried him’ RD 439; tus yn beth a’n anclethyas ‘people buried him in the grave’ RD 1269;   ‘to bury the good people’ BM 1323; hag anclethys in beth men ‘and buried in the tomb’ BM 4050; a fue marov anclethyys ‘who was dead, buried’ BM 4082; thy anclethyes in certyn ‘to bury him indeed’ BM 4471; may hallen y anclethyas ‘that we may bury him’ BM 4512; marow ha inclithis ‘dead an buried’ SA 61a; hag in doer tha vos anclythys ‘and to be buried in the earth’ CW 1851; me a vyn y anclythyas ‘I will bury him’ CW 2079; marrow, hag ynclythys ‘dead and buried’ Pryce; crowses, maro ha inclythys ‘crucified, dead and buried’ Pryce.


On 2011 Gwn 13, at 09:52, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> Yes, I fully agree with this assessment. I shall recommend <puns> for the 2013 adjustments.

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