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KK and therefore the SWF spell these seulabrys and seuladhydh respectively. Apart from etymology there is not warrant for <eu> in these words. Moreover we cannot know exactly what phonetic development occurred inside Cornish. It seems probable that an earlier short unstressed eu may have been unfronted before l in these items. I have collected the following examples from the texts:

rag marow yv an voron gans ow whaffys sol a breys ‘for the wench has been dead by my blows for a long time now’ OM 2746-47; ow tybbry gynef yma a’m tallyovr yn keth bos-ma neb r’um guerthas sollabreys ‘eating with me from my plate of this same food is he who has already betrayed me’ PC 744-46; Benedycite pan wolov re bue oma sollabreys ‘Bless me, what light has been here just now’ BM 1844-45; Solabrys kynth of cryys, the’n turant ny vetha’ mos ‘Although I have been called to the tyrant already, I dare not go’ BK 445-46; yrverys eu ru’m levte solathyth the avonsye ‘upon my word I have for a long time intended to promote you’ OM 2611-12; ny fue golhys sol a theth ‘it has not been washed for a long time’ RD 1929; a phelyp lous os y’th fyth ha ty gynef sollathyth ‘Philip, you are old i’n thy faith and thou with me for a long time’ RD 2379-80; omma avel bohosek solladeth ty re vewas ‘here like a poor man you have lived for a long time’ BM 2939-40; rag an trubut solathyth a stoppyas ef ‘for the tribute which he stopped a long time ago’ 2255-56.

All examples have <o> rather than <eu>. It might be more authentic for the SWF to write solabrys and soladhydh.


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