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Eddie, the chorus that you quote here is Merv Davey's Cornish translation of the original. See Merv Davey (1983)  /Hungan/ Redruth: Dyllansow Truran. The original found in  /Old Cornwall /is in English.
 Ol an gwella,
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 Here's an interesting attestation of ' *tryga*' being used in an inflected personal form. It's from the chorus of the traditional song 'Wembalo', as recorded by Mr.C.C.James (Old Cornwall, III 521).

 *'Wembalo' (burdhen): Gans ow whym wham wembalo,
 Coweth hunek yn benbalo,
 Meppygow yn benbalo, 
 yn blejen (a) drygons-y.
 Note that this personal form is not demanded by the song's metre: ' *yn blejen trygys yns (y)*' has the same scansion. And there's no rhyme to consider with this line. It would seem to be a simple stylistic choice.

 Of course, there's nothing wrong with ' *trygys yu/yma trygys' *etc., but it seems there's another attested possibility we may use.

 Eddie Climo

 Dr. Jon Mills, 
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