[Spellyans] Dauns and dauncya

Ken MacKinnon ken at ferintosh.org
Tue Apr 24 17:13:32 IST 2012

Many thanks again for this Michael.

Not out of woods yet!

One of the problems is that on my system both of these symbols are coming out as identical.

I shall obviously have to make a footnote if I attempt to reproduce this symbol that it is to be read as yogh.

Maybe there is a better solution?

For the present - Ken

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On 24 Apr 2012, at 15:54, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

> I had located the correct upper case yogh on my Symbol list, and the character which I wrongly used was the nearest corresponding lower case lookalike.

No, you located Capital EZH Ʒ which is not Capital YOGH Ȝ

> However diligent search has now enabled me to locate the correct character, which comes out like this on my system:-
> An dus vas a ʒeserya
> ʒeʒe gulas nef o kyllys
> So have been able to make the necessary corrections.

Nope. Those are ezhes Ʒʒ, not yoghs Ȝȝ.

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