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Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 24 18:13:45 IST 2012

On 2012 Ebr 24, at 16:00, Ken MacKinnon wrote:
> …I have in fact been reading this as a seven-beat line.

And I think you're quite right to do so, Ken. The main metrical consideration is not tne number of syllables, but the beat. As I think best in terms of music notation, this example should clarify my point:

Here we clearly have a 7-beat 'bar'—or line—of the poem, which contains 8 'notes'—or syllables. In it we see the word 'gulas' pronounced with the rhythm of the so-called 'Scots snap', a well-known rhythmical feature which could just as well be called the 'Kernewek snap', as it's found in quite a few Cornish disyllables with terminal stress (one of them being 'gulas').

Eddie Climos

ps. I apologise that my music typesetting software is not Unicode savvy enough to let me use 'yogh'.
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