[Spellyans] SWF (t) and Maga web site

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Sun Aug 5 10:00:15 IST 2012

I note that the glossaries have been removed from the Maga web site,  
presumably because the SWF dictionary is now in place.

This means that, apart from any items that might appear in the  
newsletter where the contributor has to insist that the traditional  
graph option is used, there is now no indication of what native  
Cornish actually looks like when anyone comes into contact with the  

Shame on them!!!

What is more serious, if we refer to the Partnership's own survey of  
Cornish users, possibly as much as 57% of Cornish users are  
disenfranchised by the web site.

If any one on this forum doesn't have the SWF (t) glossary I  can send  
them a pdf file.

Ray Chubb


Agan Tavas web site:  www.agantavas.com

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