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On 5 Aug 2012, at 12:00, christian.semmens at gmail.com wrote:

> then not only have we been disenfranchised, but the interests of traditional Cornish are being actively worked against. Maga is now a group whose function is to promulgate a modified version of Kemmyn.

The SWF is not a modified version of KK. The SWF has as its core the KS1-inspired mechanism for marking long and short vowels in monosyllables (voiced and voiceless consonants respectively). The KK elements remaining in the SWF are the etymological vowels in unstressed syllables and -v and -dh in final unstressed position, and -i in monosyllables. These are structural features.

The non-structural features have to do with aesthetics. These are important, and I agree, the KK graphs have little to recommend them. But please try to keep structural features and aesthetic features separate. 

> As such, they now become part of the problem and nothing to do with the 'solution'. Sadly I see no way forward with the process, it is beginning to look a betrayal.

The next part of the process is the selection of the Review Board. We will see what happens then. 

> Once again I suggest that it is not the traditional forms that need to justify their existence, it is those that derive their form from Kemmyn.

I agree. 

> Especially as their raison d'etre has been dropped.

Their raison d'être in the SWF was that "most people use KK".

> How can we move forward with this process the way things are?

We wait and see who is selected for the Review board, I suppose.

On 5 Aug 2012, at 16:25, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

> I understand that this year’s language conference has been arranged for 17th November.   It is likely to be a two-day affair, and is also to encompass Can rag Kernow.   As yet I am not sure of the venue.

Where do you have this information from?

> The two days schedule  should enable a full discussion of outstanding problems.

Only if there is a venue for the discussion. 

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