[Spellyans] SWF (t) and Maga web site

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Tue Aug 7 10:51:50 IST 2012

Dear Jenefer,

A large section of the user community will simply refuse to use a dictionary which is in SWF/K and not in SWF/T. 

> I have sent out the attached document, produced by the AHG as part of the agreement and spec, many times, but it continues to be ignored.

We have read it. Your interpretation of the marginality of the Traditional Graphs is something that we don't really accept. 

> It has always also been available on the website along with the spec. It sets out clearly what was agreed on variants and on traditional graphs and it is that agreement to which we adhere.

The glossary was published with both SWF/K and SWF/T graphs. 

> The agreement put traditional graphs in place for those who wish to use them, but was emphatic that this did not create another 'form' - it wasn't a case of use all or nothing of the traditional graphs.

In practice it ends up being nothing. A victory for the Kesva. 

> I think the paper makes the position at the moment absolutely clear. That is why we are not looking at a dictionary with traditional forms but explaining the alternatives available within the one dictionary.

Jenefer, if MAGA cannot publish the dictionary with traditional forms, I would like to offer to publish the dictionary with traditional forms myself. All that needs be done is for the formatted files to be sent to me. I will make the spelling changes myself. This will cost MAGA nothing in terms of money or time or other resources. 

> The online dictionary will enable searches for traditional graph spellings and should be available, once a couple of technical issues are resolved.

That's not sufficient for many users. 

> We are very happy to accept traditional graphs in use - in newsletter articles for example, but it was never the case that they would be used officially and we have to stick to the agreements made.

If you make the source materials available, then those people who would like to use an SWF dictionary with Traditional Graphs will be able to do so. 

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