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Thu Aug 9 11:11:36 IST 2012

On 9 Aug 2012, at 10:56, christian.semmens at gmail.com wrote:

> It is to the future that we now need to be looking. The "compromise" reached last time has nearly run its course.

The "compromise" gives MAGA an orthography they can use without anyone arguing about it. I suppose that was the rationale. 

> There is a clear issue in perception between Cornish for officialdom which seems to be what Jenefer is framing SWF/K as, and Official Cornish, which I fear everyone else sees SWF/K as.

If Jenefer were to ask the Kesva/Cowethas representatives in MAGA if we could produce an SWF/T dictionary and they were to say "No", it would be very interesting to learn what the reason for such a "No" would be. 

> Again why should the main communication channels be forced (in the future) to use a form with a spelling aesthetic that harks back twenty years to a phonology that it doesn't use?

That's a question for the Review, I should think. 

> If round one finalised the phonological and linguistic aspects in the main,

There are many loose ends. 

> this leaves us with the legacy aesthetic issues to deal with. 

It is my hope that the Review will deal with linguistic and not political issues. I think the Revival is mature enough that people from all sides should be able to work together. 

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