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With very limited leisure/spare time, my own experience is you want to invest in something that is substantial and lasting. To master even the very basics of a new language is a huge commitment and it is very draining of enthusiasm and energy to think you've invested in something that'll be obsolete in just a few years' time! 
It is also extremely confusing to the man in the street to have umpteen competing orthographies and forms of the language to need to distinguish. Am I reading UC/UCR/ LC/KK/ SWF, KS.etc, etc? Do I even know what the differences mean?..... The natural response is simply to retreat until some consensus has been achieved. I speak as a language enthusiast, so one shudders to think what the ordinary learner will feel but surely it's  hardly an inspiration to embrace with unbounded  confidence and enthusiasm!! 

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    > The next generation, who were not part of the disputes of the past 25 years, want one and are crying out for one.

    Really? Do you have any evidence to support this claim? It does sound awfully anecdotal.

  Read this discussion: http://www.memrise.com/topic/cornish/forum/ Many there are beginners and want the site to use a single form to make things easier for them.

  If you are involved with Memrise you will know that the technology behind it does not really allow for the kind of variant forms that Cornish has. Tools such as this which require collaboration among a large number of people to be really effective require a consistent orthography, and if everyone just "made their own minds up", like is being suggested by some here, these projects just get bogged down in talk of orthography.

  Localisation is another area where a single form is needed. I am involved in the localisation of Firefox, VLC, Ubuntu and Chrome, which requires translating thousands of strings. Huge projects like Ubuntu cannot be done by one person alone, it needs to be a collaborative project. If one person wants to use one orthography and another wants to use a different one, it ends up in stalemate if there are two or more equal versions. There cannot be K and T versions of Firefox for example, it's one or the other.

  Most of what MAGA does can only be done using one form. Trying to duplicate Tamm ha Tamm, Porth, promotional material etc two or even four times would be a huge waste of their already limited resources. I'm not arguing for or against the particular form they use, just that a single form is necessary.

  Duplicating dictionaries and newsletters etc is fine and easy but there are many areas where it is just not practical. The number of these areas is going to grow as technology advances and is used more and more for teaching and learning. 



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