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>> The SWF doesn't reliably distinguish ‹ay› and ‹ey›. In KS ‹ay› is [aɪ] as in "may halla" and ‹ey› is [əɪ] as in "seythen". Words like paintya and trailya are pronounced with [eː].
> In which case Nance's original 'trēlya' would appear to suffice having it seems, after a quick count only, more examples in the historical texts than any other spelling.

In KS we would have to write that as ‹trêlya› [ˈtɹeːljə], since ‹trelya› has all short vowels according to the rules [ˈtɹɛljə]. There are a number of these words which are written ‹e› or ‹ay› or ‹ai› or ‹ey› in the texts. Since they are all loanwords, and since many of them have ‹ai› in English anyway (Middle English trailen, treilen, tralen), we decided to use ‹ai› which better reflects the etymology (Old French traillier, trailler, treiller) and avoids a diacritic.

Similar arguments can be given for ‹au›.

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