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Does the place name Hugus near Truro give an indication of LC pronunciation?

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> > Michael,
> >
> > Going through Nicholas' "Desky Kernowek" again I saw you transcribe
> ‹uhel› 'high' as [ˈjuəl] which is nothing like any of the other
> orthographies' recommended pronunciation, nor is it anything you would hear
> from RC speakers.
> How would you transcribe the recommended pronunciations, or "anything you
> would hear from RC speakers"?
> > Here are the attestations:
> > {C vghell (PA 3x), vghel (PA 3x), vhel (OM 6x, PC 3x, BM 4x), huhel (OM
> 4x, PC 7x, RD 4x, Pr), vhell (BM 2x, 10x), vhal (BK 7x), yth el (BK), vhall
> (BK 1x, TH 1x, CW 2x), vghall (CW 3x, H 1x), ughall (CW 1x), vhull (CW 1x),
> ughell (JK 2x), euhall (WR 2x, TB 1x), ewhall (NB, Lh, WB, Pr), ehụal
> (Lh), ụhal (Lh), yụhal (Lh), eụhal (Lh), euhal (Lh, Pr), heụhal (Lh),
> iuhal (Lh), hual (JB), euhell (Pr), uhal (Pr 4x), uhel (Pr 2x), uthall
> (Pr), uhall (Pr), yuhal (Lh); (cmp./sup.) uhella (PC, Pr), vghella (BK,
> CW), vhella (BK 2x, TH 5x), vghelha (BK), vhelha (BK 4x), ughella (JK, Pr)};
> >
> > As quite to be expected the attestations show a monophthong in MC
> [ˈyːhəl] and a diphthong in LC [ˈɪʊhɐl] or [ˈɪʍɐl].
> Neither Nicholas nor I have any memory of entering the transcription
> [juəl] per se. It seems to me that this word is difficult in the same way
> that ‹gordhuwher› is, for the same reasons. I will certainly discuss this
> with our "good-speaker informants". On the face of it it would appear that
> [ˈju(h)ǝl] or as you might have it [ˈɪʊ(h)əl] is what we were transcribing.
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