[Spellyans] yesterday's BIG surprise

David Trethewey davidtreth at gmail.com
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I think this may have been a last minute addition judging from the 
following links:

http://www.flaginstitute.org/Thames_Pageant_Flag_Guide.pdf - where St. 
Piran's banner is listed under "county and regional flags"

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-18307741 - where a graphic 
shows Gloriana with 4 flags including what appears to be 2 St. George's 

A cynic might say it is a sop to the Cornish after Prince Charles 
decided to concrete over the Tregurra valley near Truro for a new 
Waitrose to sell more Duchy Originals biscuits.


On 04/06/12 17:00, ewan wilson wrote:
> Craig,
> I too saw both it and at least one other Baner Peran on one of the 
> 'little ships', if my memory serves me correctly. The latter, however 
> welcome, might be expected on a Cornish vessel, but the one on the 
> Gloriana seems far more significant, as you say. It implies somebody 
> in the Palace is keen to see all the indigenous tongues of these 
> islands given due respect and recognition.
> It ties in with my point on the potential power of royal example. In 
> proper deference to the request to keep this site in matters more 
> specifically linguistic I shall say no more, but hope you'll forgive 
> this one further reference, simply because it WAS so good to see the 
> old tongues granted due respect! I even heard part of the BBC 
> commentary - much of which was pretty dismal  and disjointed in my 
> opinon- note the presence of the Baner!
> Ewan.
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>> Craig wrote 'There flew Baner Peran for all to see'.
>> I noticed that too - and also what I thought was a gig with the Baner 
>> Peran
>> on as well.
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