[Spellyans] yesterday's BIG surprise

John Nash mim.oldwellstudio at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 5 10:31:46 BST 2012

Having taken very little interest in the Jubilee I had to be in  
London for personal reasons and was astonished when using the tube to  
see a newspaper with what appeared to a flag of St Piran amongst  
those on the royal barge. I did a bit of a double take, but didn't  
buy a paper so assumed I'd misunderstood what I'd seen. Things like  
that just don't happen without some considerable significance, so I  
look forward to hearing more.

On 4 Jun 2012, at 11:04, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> Before Michael or anyone else shoots me down, the ramifications of  
> yesterday's massive surprise on the Thames might well have hefty  
> significance for Cornwall, her status and her language.  There have  
> been few occasions in my life when I've been left speechless, but  
> when I saw this yesterday, I was completely lost for words for  
> several minutes!  I could not believe my eyes.
> The flotilla was led by the royal barge 'Gloriana', from which flew  
> the flags of the constituent nations of the UK, with equal  
> standing.   England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of  
> Man.......AND CORNWALL!  There flew Baner Peran for all to see.
> This was the first time since the coronation of Henry VIII that the  
> highest authority in the land had made a public admission and  
> statement that Cornwall is a NATION, distinct from England, and  
> that her flag - for far too long ridiculed as a mere "county flag"  
> is, indeed a NATIONAL flag.
> This cannot fail to trigger many positive changes from the status  
> quo.  It will push Cornwall's move towards a measure of self- 
> determination, with all the knock-on effects that will bring -  
> including enhanced recognition for Kernowek.
> (There was a second statement among the choice of flags, too.   
> There also flew the red-on-white saltire of St Patrick,  
> representing Northern Ireland.  I don't believe that flag has been  
> officially flown for 40 years or more.  Yet, there it was!)
> Craig
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