[Spellyans] yesterday's BIG surprise

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Very helpful, Nicholas.


This was the sort of thing I was after.


-        An ken Ken


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The following do occur:


gwyr re gewsys yredy 'you have spoken truly indeed' PA 106d

Gwyr a leverough, Ouwan 'You speak true, Ouwan' BK  1361.


Gwir a leverta/Gwir a leverowgh seem good modern equivalents.


The English borrowing forsoth is attested 12 times, but not in a reply
meaning 'yes indeed'.




On 7 Jun 2012, at 14:26, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

In a late medieval context people would have been more likely to have said
something like 'yea verily' or 'indeed forsooth'.   I imagine that
equivalents of this type of rejoinder might have featured rather than the
more contemporary expression of 'hear, hear'.



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