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The preterite 3sg of dallath is dalathas:

Aban dallathas an bys, noble marrak, me a grys, ny ombrevys in dan scoys BK 1631-33
nangew ogas ha blethan aban dallathfas an lywe CW 2466-67 (where dallathfas is a bad spelling for dallathas)

The first person sg is dalethys:

hethyw yw an whefes dyth aban dalletheys gonys OM 49-50.

If I wrote dalethys for dalathas, it was a mistake.

Apart from the vn dallath, dalleth, apparently the only other attested forms are the verbal adjective dallethys which occurs three times and the third singular imperative dallathans.


On 10 Jun 2012, at 09:59, Ray Chubb wrote:

> I have noted two instances recently where the 3p preterite of 'dalleth' has been written 'dalethas' one in KS and one in SWF.  This must be wrong because we now have an example in Bewnans Ke at line 1631 'aban dallathas an bys'.

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