[Spellyans] Degol Peran lowen dhewgh!

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Mon Mar 5 17:01:38 GMT 2012

There is no **dy'gool; The SWF glossary gives ‹dy'gol› and ‹de'gol›. I agree it should be ‹dygol› and ‹degol›. Based on attested ‹dugol› we should also be permitted to write ‹dywgol›. 

On Mar 5, 2012, at 5:51 PM, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Degol strictly speaking introduces an adverbial form. Degol Peran should mean 'on St Piran's day', though the distinction has been lost.
> Degol is well attested (albeit not with Peran).
> han tresse mys gvyngala dugol myhal yv henna BM 2067-68
> dugol myhall byth henna BM 2201
> Epiphania…C. Degl stûl AB: 57a.
> There is, by the way, no warrant for the apostrophe in dy'. The form never contained
> dydh and in consequence *dy'gool, KK *dy'goel are solecisms. 
> Nicholas
> On 5 Mar 2012, at 11:26, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> Comments and observations welcome.
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