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The texts use moreth or morethek after wàr dha lergh:

gans moreth yth of lynwys war the lergh ov arluth whek 'with sorrow I am filled after you, sweet lord' OM 2194-95 (said hypocritically by Bathsheba to Uriah as he goes to war)
ny a yl boys morethek war the lergh ha herethek 'we are sure to be sorrowful and wistful after you' BM 4313-14 (said by the Canon after the death of Meriasek).

I should recommend trist oma wàr dha lergh or morethek oma wàr dha lergh for 'I miss you'.
The idiom appears to be a Celtic one; cf. Irish tá cumha orm i do dhiaidh 'I miss you', literally 'There is sorrow on me after you.'


On 8 Mar 2012, at 10:48, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> What is the first version that springs to mind: "I miss you!"
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