[Spellyans] Degol Peran lowen dhewgh!

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 16:45:05 GMT 2012

I think there would be a distinction of meaning between:

Gol Ya 			- the festival of the person, St. Ives, and
Gol Porth Ya 	- the festival of the place, St. Ives.

It seems unlikely that many of the inhabitant or visitor in the Town St. Ives would intend to celebrate a long-dead saint. Instead, I imagine they'd be enjoying  the secular celebrations in the town of St. Ives.

After all, hagiolatry pretty much died out in Cornwall with the Reformation and the rise of Protestantism. Does anyone in St.Ives today have a shrine in their home to the eponymous saint, with candles and incense burning 24/7, I wonder?

Gol Porth Ya would get my vote for the present-day secular festival; Gol Ya is what might be celebrated in the local Catholic church perhaps.

Eddie Climo

On 2012 Mer 12, at 16:09, deliabrotherton at aol.com wrote:
> So "Golya" then?

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