[Spellyans] Partnership Meeting and SWF Review

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Tue Mar 13 14:53:52 GMT 2012

Hold on, Michael.  That might be the loophole.  What defines an  
"active user"?

By editing the SWF/T Skeul an Tavas, you and Nicholas can't fail to  
count as "active users".  You're both also on the Corpus Group.    
They'll insist on sneaking Ken G in there, and he only sits on the  
Signage Panel.  He still doesn't use SWF and has never withdrawn his  
stated opposition to it.

Ray's an active user, as he's written and published in SWF.  He's also  
on the Partnership.  My active work on the Signage Panel qualifies me  
(plus the production of an SWF compatible book - which lets Michael in  
again, as he published it).

Andrew teaches a form of SWF, so he's an active user.  So's Neil  
Kennedy.  I'm sure we can suggest other names, too.


On 13 Mer 2012, at 14:09, Michael Everson wrote:

> Following on from a report by Ray Chubb, I have sent the following  
> to the MAGA Corpus group of which I am a member.
> ====
> I understand that Loveday Jenkin managed to push through the  
> Partnership meeting today the condition that members of the SWF  
> Review Board must be "active users" of the SWF.
> I assume that this is part of the Kesva/Cowethas plan to make the  
> SWF more like Kernowek Kemyn, and that it shows a specific bias  
> against myself and Nicholas Williams, despite the fact that we did  
> in fact edit Skeul an Tavas in both SWF/T and SWF/K.
> The SWF has many shortcomings. I doubt very much that most Cornish  
> speakers even understand most of its shortcomings. It deserves  
> criticism and improvement—or abandonment.
> ====
> It appears that the Kesva and Cowethas are up their old tricks  
> again, and that there really is no "Partnership" at all.
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