[Spellyans] musical 'score' ?

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 24 15:17:47 GMT 2012

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Cornish word for a score/to score (in music)?

Neither Nance, Williams, Kennedy nor Gendall seem to have anything for this concept. MAGA's SWF-M School Dictionary has this in its thematic list of musical terms:

> § Music/Ilow: score. skot

However, this has to be a malapropism. Nance, Williams, Kennedy and Gendall are all quite clear that K. scot refers to a a financial idea, such as a bill or tavern reckoning (similar, of course, to its meaning in English expressions such as 'pay the scot' or 'scot-free').

Welsh seems to have had problems with musical scores as well, The Geiriadur Mawr only offers cerddoriaeth (which really refers to music), and sgôr (clearly a loan). The Geiriadur Prifysgol gives sgôr and the verb sgoria. Both agree that this loan covers both musical and sporting scores.

Sure, we can use something like musyk scryfys or Nicholas's UCR offerings:
> orchestrate. v. desedha rag orchestra; orchestratya

> sheet music. n. ylow war folennow

On this basis, perhaps desedhyans might be stretched to do service for 'musical arrangement; orchestration'.

Does that suffice, or do we need to borrow *scor/*scorya like the Welsh did?


Eddie Climo
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