[Spellyans] Interesting Ushant Breton feature

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Thu May 3 13:00:43 BST 2012

Hello everyone,

I am working on my MA-thesis about the historical phonological changes that
led to the Ushant dialect at the moment, and am therefore using the Nouvel
Atlas Linguistique de la Basse-Bretagne (or NALBB in short) by Jean Le Dû
for a part of my research. On map 572-575 there is an interesting feature
that I'd like to share with you:

572: [ọ zaːt] and [ọ ðaːt] 'my father' (StB *ma/va zad*);
573: [ọ mãm] 'my mother' (StB *ma/va mam*);
574: [ọ zyːt] 'my parents' (StB *ma/va zud*);
575: [ọ ˈɣẹːrẹnt] 'my (blood) relatives (StB *ma/va c'herent*).

This is the only Breton dialect with *o* 'my' instead of *ma* or *va*. It
is also one of the only dialects that has retained [ð] as a phoneme (at
least with some speakers still).
I find this very exciting! But that might just be me :P

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