[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Wed May 9 13:24:21 BST 2012

Dear all,

As it is a rather slow and dull afternoon, I thought I'd play devil's
advocate and ask this question, as I am having some grave reservations
over the direction the "compromise" process seems to be taking. It
would seem that the rumble of distant thunder can be heard regarding
the future direction of the SWF from some areas. The traditional form
of the SWF has lived in an enforced twilight for the last four years
and it would seem that some would like to bury it completely. From my
point of view, anything less than total and absolute parity for the
SWF/T including (especially!) for "Official" purposes and in schools,
would be utterly unacceptable. Complaints about possible confusion be
damned. Let the people choose.

The SWF, so far, has been a vehicle for ditching the dodgy phonology
of KK, but maintaining its (now meaningless) spelling system.

In the Cornish language movement today, without KK phonology, there is
now absolutely no reason for maintaining this spelling system other
than that it looks familiar to one fraction of learners, and in a
revival we are all learners. It is precisely this spelling form that
needs to justify its existence, not the traditional variant.

I wonder where others stand on this?


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