[Spellyans] Press release: "Desky Kernowek: A complete guide toCornish" published by Evertype

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This is an historic moment. Congratulations to all involved. Good luck. This 
has been a long wait. I shall be ordering my copy soon!


Andrew J. Trim

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toCornish" published by Evertype

> "Desky Kernowek: A complete guide to Cornish" dyllys gans Evertype
> Desky Kernowek: A complete guide to Cornish yw intendys rag dalethoryon ha 
> rag studhyoryon moy avauncys inwedh.
> Yma Desky Kernowek ow qwil devnyth a Gernowek Standard, lytherednans 
> warrantus ha leun-fonetek kefrës. Yma oll gramer an tavas dyghtys in Desky 
> Kernowek hag yma spâss rës ino dhe’n dhew versyon a’n tavas, Kernowek Cres 
> ha Kernowek Dewedhes. Rag kenyver poynt a’n gramer pò a’n erva ensamplys 
> yw rës in mes a’n textow tradycyonal i’n spellyans gwredhek. Y kefyr 
> alwheth dhe’n practycyow in dyweth an lyver rag an re-na a vo ow studhya 
> an tavas heb descajor. Y kefyr in Desky Kernowek inwedh leun-lyvryn 
> lavarow, le may ma pùb lavar kemerys in mes a’n textow tradycyonal. Yma 
> rës i’n lyver inwedh egeryans manylys a drailyansow dallath ger, ha 
> chaptra adro dhe ûsyans verbow. Yma gervaow Kernowek-Sowsnek ha 
> Sowsnek-Kernowek i’n lyver ha menegva dhien a destednow.
> Michael Everson, arbenegor a systemow scrifa meur y hanow, a wrug parusy 
> chaptra an lyver adro dhe leveryans ha spellyans. An Professor Nicholas 
> Williams, auctour Desky Kernowek, re beu descrifys gans an Professor 
> Philip Payton, Kevarwedhor Fùndyans Lien Kernow, Ûnyversyta Keresk, avell 
> “chîf-scoler a’n tavas Kernowek.”
> Possybyl veu dylla Desky Kernowek in radn dre weres larych Agan Tavas ha 
> Cussel an Tavaz Kernûak. An lyver a yll bos kefys in cudhlen gales hag in 
> cudhlen vedhel kefrës. Gweler http://evertype.com/books/desky.html
> =====
> "Desky Kernowek: A complete guide to Cornish" published by Evertype
> Desky Kernowek: A complete guide to Cornish, is aimed at both beginners 
> and the more advanced student. It is available in hardcover and paperback 
> editions.
> Desky Kernowek uses Standard Cornish, an orthography that is at once 
> authentic and wholly phonetic. The whole grammar of Cornish is discussed 
> in Desky Kernowek and both Middle and Late Cornish variants are 
> accommodated. All points of grammar and vocabulary are exemplified by 
> instances from the traditional texts in the original spelling. A key to 
> the exercises is given at the end of the book for those learning Cornish 
> by themselves. Desky Kernowek contains a comprehensive phrase-book taken 
> exclusively from traditional Cornish. It also contains a detailed 
> discussion of initial mutation, and a section on verbal usage. The book 
> contains both Cornish-English and English-Cornish glossaries and a full 
> index of subjects.
> The section on pronunciation and spelling was written by Michael Everson, 
> a leading expert on writing systems. Professor Nicholas Williams, the 
> author of Desky Kernowek, has been described by Philip Payton, Director of 
> the Institute of Cornish Studies of the University of Exeter, as “the 
> foremost scholar of the Cornish language”.
> Publication of Desky Kernowek has been made possible in part by the 
> generous support of Agan Tavas and Cussel an Tavaz Kernûak. It is 
> available in hardcover and paperback editions. See 
> http://evertype.com/books/desky.html
> Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/
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