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This is different from the SWF <attes> "comfort" but <attesva> "comfort station" / "lavatory".
Why is this not <atesva>?

We also have SWF <attamya> "to tackle", <abattiow> "abbeys", <addyansow> "additions", <Bouddieth>*  "Buddhism", <apperya> "to feature", and <robbyoryon> "robbers". 
Why do we have a double letter after an unstressed vowel in these words?

[ * Also, why not <Bouddiedh>* . Does this have something in common with <nowyth>? As I understand it, the SWF rule is final <-dh> when unstressed.]


Andrew J. Trim

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No. The <mm> or <bm> is written only after a stressed vowel. 
After an unstressed vowel as in <kemeres> the consonant is written singular.
This is the same as dallath but dalethys, or tyller but tyleryow, cannas/cadnas but canasow.


On 10 May 2012, at 14:47, Jon Mills wrote:

  Should it not be written kemmeres / kebmeres ?


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