[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

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> Is Jenefer Lowe coming at it from a different angle perhaps?  I have heard her say that she dislikes the use of the word traditional 

That train has left the station. We traditionalists use the word, and indeed so do those who use the non-traditional spellings.

> applied to KU/r because KK is also based on traditional Cornish,

Not really. KK is based on a construed phonology (not used by Cornish speakers) and a supposedly phonemic orthography designed for that phonology. 

> suggesting that a different word would be acceptable while not suggesting anything herself. 

She complained about "confusion" with "Kernowek Standard" when the Partnership changed "Single Written Form" to "Standard Written Form" but the "confusion" was based on their own choice. 

> I realise that our use of traditional refers to more than just the starting point for KU/r orthography but others may not see it that way?

The term has been used for at least eight years and is in the SWF documentation. Traditional graphs are what we use; Kemmyn graphs are used by MAGA.

> Personally I dislike the tag 'Main' which to me seems meaningless in the context of a language.

I use the abbreviations SWF/K and SWF/T for SWF/Kemmyn and SWF/Tradycyonal.

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