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On 20 May 2012, at 19:49, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

>>> There's a difference for speakers following KK recommendations between ‹Gorsedh Kernow› [θ], and ‹Nowydh yw an carr ma› [ð] (I used SWF/Mt here, with derogation from ‹nowyth› to ‹nowydh›) => [ˈnɔwɪð ɪʊ ən kæɹ mɐ] despite the fact that some speakers would rather say **[ˈnəʊɪθ jʉʊ æn kɑːɹ mæ]. 
>> Then you should spell it ‹th› and let some people voice to /ð/ in intervocalic position if they wish.
> How would you know when to pronounce ‹th› intervocalically as [ð] or [θ]?

Sorry, I meant "over word boundaries" as you have shown it here. 

>>> I'm actually talking about the possibility of word-final /ð/ in unstressed position remaining voiced up until the LC period. But you know this, so I'm not going to harp on about it anymore, because it's becoming a tad tedious….
>> Do I know it? I have asked you more than once to provide your evidence. You know how it's done. With lists of examples from the texts. 
> I have done that. Attestations and all.


>> Take a few days off your dictionary and write up the evidence for your theory, Dan, please, or you have no chance of convincing anyone of its merit. 
> I also have a day- and night job …

And I am at my desk from 09:00 to 23:59 nearly every day.

Your dictionary can stand a few days off, can't it?

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