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English may not be German per se, but it is a Germanic language in  
origin.  Compare Anglo-Saxon with Frisian (Garry Funk gave me a  
Frisian phrase book and it's amazing how closely related the two are,  
even after centuries).  As to the dictionary, do we know that the  
meanings given are correct, or Clark-Hall's interpretation 1500-1000  
years on?

It's also possible that the term originally meant "Celtic speakers",  
but was later extended in meaning.

Consider this as regards: Walnut.   A walnut resembles a skull which  
can be opened to reveal something that looks remarkably like a brain.   
The Celts of the Iron Age/Roman and post-Roman periods were well known  
for their custom of taking the heads of their enemies.


On 24 Me 2012, at 00:25, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 23 May 2012, at 23:55, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
>> This persistent urban myth that "Welsh" means "foreign". It doesn't.
> Of course it does. From Clark-Hall's Anglo-Saxon dictionary:
> Wéalas (pl. of wealh) the 'Welsh', Wales. West Wéalas West Welsh,  
> Cornish.
> wealh m., (gs. weales) foreigner, stranger, slave: Briton, Welshman:  
> shameless person
> wealhbaso f. foreign red, vermilion
> Wealhcynn n. men of Wales, Briitons
> wealhfæreld n. a force which patrolled the Welsh border?
> wealh-geféra m. commander of the wealhfæreld
> wealhháfoc m. foreign hawk, falcon
> wealhhnutu f. walnut
> wealh-moru, -more f., -mora m. carrot, parsnip
> wealhstod m. interpreter, translator: mediator
> Wealhðéod f Welsh nation
> wealhwyrt dwarf elder, wallwort.
>> It was the Germanic word for "Celtic" derived from the name of the  
>> Celtic tribe the Roman's called the "Volcae" - "Welsh" means  
>> "Celt". The Southern Germans call their romanised Celtic neighbours  
>> "die Welschen". It has nothing to do with "foreigner".
> English is not German.
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