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Returning to the Land's End thing, to whom should one write to register disappointment at the removal of what was about the only authentic Cornish aspect of the whole Land's End complex? 
As a 'tourist' / visitor I am going to let them know how German friends were delighted with the Cornish signs they came across. 
It's ridiculous expunging the local culture the whole thing's very raison d'etre being to celebrate it!
I recall years ago being delighted to be welcomed in Cornish to a Woolen Mill place in Eastern Cornwall and discovering a whole exhibition of the language inside. Other folks on the coach were intrigued as well. Firgotten exactly where the Mill was/is!

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  Hear, hear, looking forward to receiving my copy.




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  Sorry to interrupt, I just thought I'd mention that Amazon.co.uk has started dispatching their first batch of Desky Kernowek as of Monday 21st May. To my absolute pleasure, my copy arrived this morning - what a beauty it is too! (They are apparently keeping a good number of these in stock now too.)


  I could never have imagined quite how comprehensive this work would be, nor of how extensively the original texts (in their original spellings) would be referenced to exemplify the principles outlined in the descriptive grammar with its KS standardisations. It's clearly a masterpiece, not just for committed revivalists but as a prized resource for academic Celticists too (or indeed casually interested bystanders like myself). Congratulations to Nicholas & Michael on such a thoroughly commendable and invaluable work.


  Warm wishes from Wales,

  Ceri Young.


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