[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

Fri May 25 09:37:49 BST 2012

There is short report in the Thursday 24th May edition of West Penwith  
newspaper "The Cornishman" under the headline "Cornish removed from  sign" 
which includes the following,
Land's End management has defended a decision to remove Cornish from  the 
top of the entrance to the site after a barrage of criticism from Cornish  
language groups.....
...Instead, following changes, Cornish has been lowered to a sign  
welcoming tourists in a variety of languages, elsewhere on the entrance.   David 
Bryans, general manager at Land's End, said the decision was part of  ongoing 
investment and nothing to do with the Olympic Torch Relay.
He said (can you believe this..):"Land's End is an  international tourist 
attraction and we have a multicultural ethos.  In  keeping with that, we have 
tried to make the entrance as welcoming as possible  to as many people as 
possible.  Feedback from visitors, particularly from  abroad, had indicated 
that the previous sign was confusing.  As visitors  will see, our welcome in 
Cornish is now displayed prominently and proudly at the  entrance alongside 
international languages such as German, Spanish and  Italian."
So there you have it, the Cornish are just visitors/tourists like everyone  
else!  How to win friends and influence people, eh?  Funnily enough,  while 
parked in Gweek yesterday while on my way to my Cornish class, I got into  
conversation with a couple on holiday from Perth, Australia who were  
captivated by the idea of the Cornish language, if I had seen this report  earlier 
I would have asked them what they thought, although I think I can  guess 
their response.
Oll an gwella
Delia Brotherton
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