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Yes, Delia, you may well be right. Sadly my memory gets ever more porous these days- one reason actively learning a language and consolidating it is so important, not to say therapeutic!
I just wish I'd thought to ask the lady her name, all these years ago. She spoke what sounded to me very fluent Cornish...sounding distinctly Welsh!! 
It was quite a talking point on the coach, so as you say, Delia, lots of fair minded visitors love the fact there's this distinct, hardy culture. 
I think the Land's End Management really know how to put their foot in it! To reduce the native tongue to a sort of 'tourists' footnote' is such an insult!
As for the Kernow flag 'advertising', well, what load of vapid effrontery. 
One sad aspect to all this in our Jubilee Year ( and I speak as someone who likes Constitutional Monarchy) is that it could have been an ideal time for the Duke of Cornwall and the Prince of Wales to demonstrate his much trumpeted love of multiculturalism ( in its best sense) by his giving some indication at least of his support for the native tongues of two parts of his realm to which he owes particular 'nobless oblige'!! 
Not much sign of it, I'm afraid,  whilst he espouses all sorts of stuff and causes that are quite alien or not terribly relevant to our national heritage or way of life. If he got behind the Gaelic, Cornish and Welsh languages and literatures, it'd be a tremendous example. 

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  It may have been Kernow Mill just off the A38 near Saltash?

  Delia Brotherton.


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