[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

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I have been advocating this for over 12 years now!   About thirty years ago
Esso brought out a series of Cornwall 'Tiger Trails' for motorists to follow
on all sorts of Cornish themes except Cornish Language.    One of my
recommendations following my 2000 survey and in my 2003 analysis of
speakers'  attitudes towards the language was a Cornish Language Trail on
similar lines: Forth an Yeth.


Some interest has been shown on this - but so far no actual action as such.
It could make a useful project for the Partnership - and it could start off
quite modestly with a free leaflet or booklet on sites and routes.   Plaques
and signposts could follow - but these would need negociations and


-        An ken Ken


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Another idea that occurs to me would be to construct a' Cornish Language
Trail' for walkers to follow. For instance a short distance from Mousehole
is Paul Churchyard where the famous memorial stone is. 

I visited it with my young nephew and family about five years ago; it was a
sweltering hot day and we spent ages trying to locate the blessed
thing--only for my nephew, also Ewan,  delightedly to find it in the wall on
the street! 

We also looked for Poole's home in Penzance on Morrab Rd; bought books out
of the Cornish shop in the Causewayhead ( KK mini dictionaries, if I
remember?); off to St Michael's Mount; and went up to Truro Museum to get
language material ...found some wonderful stuff by Craig and also  older
materials by Richard Gendall- a lovely fold-out wallet thing with maps,
photos, pictures/words, etc. 

Not properly proudly promoting the language is such a missed opportunity for
the region. Are the councillors as daft as they are here in Scotland, then?!



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I agree with Ewan (The complaints about confusion is a lot of balderdash) 

- I'm English, have had a lifelong interest in Celtic languages, and when we
travelled down to Penzance by train to start our Land's End-John O'Groats
cycle we all posed by the welcome sign, and were delighted in the bilingual
nature of that and the Land's End/Penn An Wlas banner (soon to be 'Pedn An
Wlas'!) at the start of our ride - it made it more special - not just for me

my interest in Celtic Languages, but for all 27 of us, most being English.
I'm English and proud of it, but equally proud of these islands' Celtic


Bring on the bilingual signs I say - afterall, I may be sad, but I still get
excited to see 'Araf' in the road when we go to Wales!!

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