[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

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There's something in one of the 'Old Cornwall' journals about Cornish  
inscriptions at Mawnan.  I'll seek it out.  I don't think they're very  


On 31 Me 2012, at 09:26, Ray Chubb wrote:

> Craig, do you have any information on the pedigree of this  
> inscription?
> On 30 Me 2012, at 22:38, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> The lych gate at Mawnan church.
>> <mawnan.jpg>
>> I believe this is a line from one of the Miracle Plays: In SWF:  Da  
>> dhymm hedhyw nessa dhe Dhuw.
>> I'm told that there is more inside the church but every the I go  
>> there the place is locked up.  Probably to stop the Owlman (who  
>> haunts the woods around the chruch) and Morgawr ( our sea monster  
>> who lives at the mouth of the Helford below the church) from  
>> getting in.
>> Mawnan (patron is the Celtic St Maunan) illustrates a need to have  
>> the <au> graph added to SWF for loan words (dauns, cauns, etc) and  
>> ancient personal names (Austol, Maunan, Maugan, etc).  SWF uses <o>  
>> and  <Ostel, Monan, Mogan not only look awful but invite widespread  
>> mispronunciation).  Then, for Lannvausa (St Mawes) the SWF does  
>> what KK did and writes <*Lannvowsedh>!  Why? - it's the same vowel!
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