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The rules are not quite that simple, and the rules may change with different orthographies, e.g. in Late Cornish, there may be no mutation after the numbers 1 or 2. You will need to check. Also, KK will have <kath>; KS will have <cath> for the non-mutated form.
Anyway, after the number 1, all masculine nouns remain unaffected.

There are masculine and feminine forms for the numbers 2, 3 and 4, so “x” (in your example for rule 1) will not be a constant for the numbers 2, 22, 42, 62 and 82. Nor will “x” be a constant in your rule 2.

The number 1000 causes soft mutation so your rule 3 is false. You will need at least one more rule.

The noun is singular after small numbers (like the ones quoted here) but at some point they become plural with much larger numbers.
In that case, the noun will be preceded by <a> “of”, and this will cause soft mutation.

I hope that this helps.


Andrew J. Trim 

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I'm trying to get the correct plural rules for Cornish added to various localisation projects (so that correct mutation is shown with different numbers), but I want to check that I've got it right. I've identified three rules:

1. Number is 1, 2, 21, 22, 41, 42, 61, 62, 81 or 82
2. Number is 3, 23, 43, 63 or 83
3. All other numbers

So for example, for rule 1 it would appear as x gath, for rule 2 as x hath, and rule 3 as x cath. Are these rules correct?



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