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Who could possibly argue with your forensic analysis Nicholas!


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> Notice that the Stokes' text of BM has
> Da dym yth yv nesse the du
> whereas the inscription reads:
> Da thym ythyu nesse the Thu.
> The author of the inscription has clearly edited the manuscript reading in
> the following ways:
> dym > thym
> ythyv > ythyu
> du > Thu.
> Thym and dym are both well attested in BM for 'to me'.
> du > Thu The capital letter for 'God' is understandable. The lenition of
> du > Thu, however suggests that the author of the inscription correctly
> knew that after *the* 'to' the following consonant should be lenited.
> This suggests that the author had learnt or was learning Cornish.
> A further interesting emendation is *ythyv* to *ythyu*.
> In his Handbook of 1904 Jenner always writes the *yv*, *yu*, *yw*, *ew*'is' of the manuscripts as <yu>.
> Nance followed Jenner and yu was the spelling in UC.
> Yet <yu> was probably a mistake. The diphthong is [i:w] not [ju:], i.e. a
> falling, not a rising, diphthong.
> It seems to me likely in view of the *Thu* and *ythyu* that Jenner or
> Nance may have had a hand in the inscription.
> Given that the inscription adheres for the most part to the MS orthography
> but correctly replaces *dym* with *thym* and correctly lenites after *the*
> ,
> I should suggest that the inscription appeared after the publication of
> Jenner's Handbook in 1904 (the author understands lenition)
> but before the first edition of *Cornish for All* (the first handbook of
> UC) in 1928 (the author did not venture to write **Da yu dhym nessa dhe
> Dhew*).
> In which case it might not be too hasty to suggest that the inscription
> was written
> when the churchyard was enlarged in 1920.
> Nicholas
> On 31 May 2012, at 09:49, N Meek wrote:
> The article gives the same translation as Nicholas.
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