[Spellyans] Why learn Cornish?

Tue May 1 18:23:27 IST 2012

It would seem so indeed Eddie.  In the Agan Tavas  newsletter March 2011 we 
reported on a five year research project led by Dr  Ellen Bialystock at 
York University, Toronto and reported in the Daily  Telegraph.  She claimed 
that "speaking a second language increases  brain power and delays the onset on 
dementia and Alzeimer's disease by  an average of five years."  
According to the article, she said "being bi-lingual  boosts an area of the 
brain known as the 'executive control system' in the  frontal lobe that 
governs memory, learning, language and reasoning" and  that "learning a 
language, especially as a child, made this area more  powerful and flexible and 
therefore more resistant to damage."
She also said "switching between languages is a  stimulating activity which 
builds up higher levels of brain or cognitive reserve  and is a more 
powerful,version of crosswords or Sudoku."
A good enough reason to start or continue learning  Kernewek!
Delia Brotherton
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