[Spellyans] Why learn Cornish?

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Tue May 1 21:50:57 IST 2012

In order to make best use of this article, we might need the Cornish for 
"fine-tunes the mind", "scalp electrodes" and the Cornish for "pattern of 
brainwaves". I don't know what they would be in Cornish. I assume that these 
are new concepts. Any ideas?

I gather from the article that if we take lots of trouble to learn a 
difficult, almost dead language (e.g. Cornish) that very few people 
understand, we might get to go daft a little bit slower. Makes sense ... 
give them more funding !?

Could it just be that the clever people tend to pick up languages more 

I suggest this as their next experiment:

Take two equivalent groups of monoglot English speakers. Talk to one group 
in English only. Talk to the other group in English sometimes and an 
unfamiliar language (e.g. Cornish) sometimes - so that the second group has 
to know two languages to survive. Keep this up for a few years. (Yes, it's 
difficult to set up the total-emersion environment.)  In thirty years' time, 
count the daft ones! Measure the difference. Draw conclusions. Hmm.

At least the number of Cornish speakers would have increased.


Andrew J. Trim

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> Henry Jenner famously had a simple answer to the question, 'Why should a 
> Cornishman learn Cornish?'
> Recently reported research from the US Northwestern University suggests 
> that learning a second language 'boosts your brain power' and 'fine-tunes' 
> your little grey cells—presumably even if you aren't either Cornish or 
> male!
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17892521
> Mind you, they also claim that bilinguals perform better at separating out 
> speech from background noise. Despite speaking several languages, that's 
> something I've always been very poor at doing!
> Eddie Climo
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