[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 9 18:30:18 IST 2012

On 2012 Me 9, at 17:01, Nicky Rowe wrote:
> …I wouldn't mind whichever form is the agreed form,
But many Kernewegoryon DO mind. That is a large part of the reason for the existence of this discussion forum. so that those who do value the Traditional and the Authentic in their written or spoken Cornish can discuss such issues.

> …I prefer to stick to cooperation and agreement rather than going off on my own.
Who wouldn't prefer to stick to that? However, the fact is that there has been very little real co-operation and agreement happening. The reality is that the same KK figures who engineered the 1987 takeover of the Revival are still at their same tired old game of dirty politics. The only difference is that now they're trying to take over the SWF—and all the luvly public funding that's available.

> It's unlikely that the situation will change much as of the review.
I fear you may be absolutely right in that prediction. Still, as the Danish proverb says (according to one of my cookery books!), "Prediction is always difficult, especially predicting the future." (Seems like the Danes can out-do the Brits at tongue-in-cheek, wry humour!)

> According to Jenefer most people use the main form.
As the 'traditional' form has been deliberately marginalised and sidelined by MAGA itself, Jenefer is accurately stating the status quo that MAGA has allowed to happen. However, it should be noted that MOST people in the Revival don't use the SWF at all, neither the 'Main' nor the 'Trad' form. If your count up the number of publications in Cornish over the last few year, SWF comes about bottom. Ditto for classes. Ditto for Yethow an Weryn.

> To me there is no future without the SWF, whatever it may look like in the future.
Perhaps. However, it is arguable that, unless there is genuine compromise and a 'level playing field' for SWF/T, it may just be that the SWF itself has not future!

> Besides I don't think that spelling is by any means the most important aspect of Cornish that needs attention, but the grammar, syntax and pronunciation.
Personally, I'm tired of arguments about spelling. However, spelling is the main focus of this forum. A quarter century of 'Orthography Wars' is testament to how important some people consider it to be.

Eddie Climo

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