[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Thu May 10 11:38:53 IST 2012

The whole AHG process was weighted against those of us who prefer  
traditional/authentic Cornish.

I'm sure that the Commission expected each orthographic grouping to be  
equally represented but this was not the case.  The outcome from  
Treyarnon was a shambles, more about KK face saving than giving  
Cornish school children their Cornish language heritage.

What the outcome should have been was an orthography that would have  
taken Cornish into the 21st century and, possibly, something that was  
even considered good enough for higher academic studies.  Instead we  
have a hotchpotch based on what most people, allegedly, use.  I think  
that in the future, when personality issues have died with their  
perpetrators, Cornish users will look upon the SWF with shame.

On 10 Me 2012, at 10:44, Nicky Rowe wrote:

> Eddie said:
> "As the 'traditional' form has been deliberately marginalised and  
> sidelined by MAGA itself, Jenefer is accurately stating the status  
> quo that MAGA has allowed to happen."
> I think that's a bit unfair. Jenefer and everyone at the Maga office  
> work according to the AHG agreement - an agreement that says that  
> the main form will be used by public bodies. There were  
> representatives from the traditional group on the AHG so surely they  
> must have agreed to this too. As for the Partnership itself and its  
> own agreements since then you would need to speak to whoever's on it  
> to get their view.
> Nicky

Ray Chubb


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