[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Tue May 15 09:46:00 IST 2012

I once produced a drawing of every letter and ligature used on Cornish  
inscribed stones with a view to doing just that, Michael.  Now that I  
have a scanner, if I find it, I'll send you a copy.


On 15 Me 2012, at 09:41, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 15 May 2012, at 09:22, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> I used the word "largely", having our 5th-10th century inscribed  
>> stones in mind.  Many of the names on them are British, albeit  
>> slightly altered to suit Latin orthography.  Taking that into  
>> consideration, they represent our only known written British.
>> Charles Thomas's book on Cornish and Welsh inscribed stone: "And  
>> Shall these Mute Stones Speak" (University of Wales Press 1994) is  
>> of great assistance in this subject.
> I haven't seen that book, but conventional wisdom is that by 600 CE  
> British had already developed into forms of Welsh, Cumbric, Cornish,  
> and Breton. I'd be surprised if 10th-century stones were in much  
> older language. But I really ought to get hold of that book, if for  
> no other reason but to see if there are fonts that could be designed  
> from it. :-)
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