[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

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Sun May 20 13:05:04 IST 2012


The large bilingual sign at Land's End - there for several years and  
still in place just 6 weeks ago - was deliberate repainted to show  
English only for TV coverage of the Olympic torch relay which started  
there yesterday morning.

Painted across the frieze area above a prominent pillared opening,  
this originally said:


There was a painted Union flag to the left of this; Baner Peran to the  

For the TV coverage, there was just:  LAND'S END

Someone did not want the word to see that Kernow has a separate  
linguistic heritage, and it's a disgrace.


On 20 Me 2012, at 12:37, Eddie Climo wrote:

> On 2012 Me 20, at 12:02, Michael Everson wrote:
>> …Does anyone want to read the Bible in Cornish? They'll have  
>> traditional orthographic forms. How about Stevenson's classic  
>> "Treasure Island"? Yes, the AHG agreement made KK graphs "superior"  
>> and Traditional graphs "of not equal status" but people who are  
>> creating texts for the Revival are doing so using Traditional graphs.
> Indeed they are : the 'traditionalists' are producing more and  
> better publications than supporter of non-trad forms like KK and SWF/ 
> K. In addition to the titles mentioned above by Michael, and the  
> 1,000,000 words of Cornish published by Evertype (if I remember the  
> quoted figure correctly), we might consider the 30+ publications  
> from Gwask an Orlewen over the last two and a half years, as well as  
> the many publications from Spyrys a Gernow and Agan Tavas.  
> Furthermore, there are some excellent resources being created by  
> members of the Cussel. These cover the whole range of RC  
> orthographies, with the sole exception of Kemmynn: UC, UCR, RLC, KS  
> (including both Tudor and Late/Modern forms), SWF/T…and even SWF/K.
> If you doubt this, just compare the book stalls at any Cornish  
> cultural event: Spyrys/Agan Tavas have the bigger, more attractive  
> selection of publications, while the KKowethas/KKesva one is not  
> only smaller but their publications are mostly quite amateur in  
> design and production.
> Eddie Climo
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