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Yes, I think we all accept that Nance's target for revived Cornish  
tended towards the archaic but this was to some extent alleviated by  
the fact that he was not overly proscriptive.

Discussions such as we have here have made me examine Nance's work  
more closely and I am even more convinced now that his basic approach  
was correct.

The spelling for revived Cornish should reflect that of Cornish at its  
zenith because spelling afterwards was the outcome of English  
oppression.  West Cornish dialect can be shown with alternate  
spellings, many of which are found in the Middle Cornish texts .

The current academic view on correct pronunciation can be indicated  
with diacritics.

Everyday writing should omit diacritics to ensure that what we write  
looks like Cornish.

The principle of tota Cornicitas, Nicholas's term, should apply.

The target period for the grammar of revived Cornish may be left to  
choice. Nance's only grammar book was centred around Andrew Boorde's  
16th century Coversation at an Inn and the 17th century Jowan Chy an  
Horth, nothing very archaic about those.

Oral records of native Cornish are non existent, unless someone has  
recorded the pilchard counting rhyme which I very much doubt,  
therefore if we are not to revive the native spelling while attempting  
to revive the native speech what is the point of it all?

On 21 Me 2012, at 12:01, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> UC deliberately went back to the 15th century, but Nance actually  
> concentrated on the Passion Poem——from the 14th century. In  
> consequence UC is archaic even for Middle Cornish. For example in  
> proscribing any of the analogical developments in y'm beus, for  
> using the conditional byen, dodhyen, carsen as pluperfect. Nance  
> also failed to recognise that the future was usually made in Cornish  
> with mynnes, e.g. me a vyn mos; and that om- for reflexives was  
> already obsolescent in the MC period.

Ray Chubb


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