[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

Ken MacKinnon ken at ferintosh.org
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It is high time she changed her name.   It is very confusing to people like
myself, holding the views she does.


-        An ken Ken


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Yes, and we do have have a problem with Anglicised Cornish people, too.
Cllr. Morwenna Williams (Tory) being a prominent example.






On 23 Me 2012, at 09:22, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:

"English people are for the most part sympathetic to the Celtic languages in
these islands. The real opponents are the Anglicised Welsh and those in
Ireland whose grandparents spoke Irish. Such people feel guilty that they no
longer have any part in their own culture, and by reaction become
aggressively anti."


Very well put - true in all the Celtic countries, and in Brittany, replacing
English with French.



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