[Spellyans] Is there a future for the SWF?

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Fri May 25 07:30:45 IST 2012

The absurd thing about the Dolly Pentreath plaque in Mousehole is -  
that it's in English only!

I have a fond memory of being in Mousehole one summer morning.  A  
whole coach-load of tourists was stood in front of the plaque as their  
guide (who had a broad London accent) read it out and added:  "Of  
course, nobody speaks Cornish now".  So, from behind them, I proceeded  
to repeat the text of the plaque in Cornish then said to the guide:   
"I think you need to revise that statement, ole pard.  There are  
plenty who speak it, most of 'em a lot better than me".

A second Olympic row has blown up, with a Cornish MP demanding an  
apology after the last Cornish torch-bearer in Saltash had the flag of  
St Piran snatched from him by one of the grey-clad Metropolitan police  
escort runners, who then proceeded to crush it up into a ball in his  
hands - something you wouldn't do to another nation's flag.  According  
to the torch-bearer. the problem was not so much the flag, but the  
words: Cornwall/Kernow in one of its lower quarters.  Obviously,  
Cornwall wasn't the problem, leaving only "Kernow" which had been  
declared a "political message" by someone, who then passed the  
instruction to get the flag removed passed on via the escort runner's  
earpiece.  So, the native name of Cornwall, recorded as early as 400  
AD, is a "political message"?  Taken in tandem with Land's End, and  
the obliteration of the Cornish language name there, it seems that  
London has a problem with the Cornish language!  As you can imagine,  
there is all hell to pay!


On 24 Me 2012, at 22:48, ewan wilson wrote:

> The complaints about confusion is a lot of balderdash. I have  
> personally witnessed tourists coming out of Pezance Station and  
> delighted to see the bi-lingual welcome sign!
> I've also seen folk fascinated in Mousehole, when they read the  
> Dolly Pentreath plaque.
> If folk do object they must be pathetically small-minded, and very  
> easily intimidated if they think English ascendancy is going to  
> crumble in the face of a few public signs, respecting, if nothing  
> else, the native culture of a place!
> Ewan.
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> One of the comments that was made was that the two forms were  
> causing confusion to visitors.  I haven't seen the original sign  
> were the two forms in the same script?
> I have always thought that the best way to avoid confusion is to use  
> different type scripts for each version as is done in Ireland.
> On 23 Me 2012, at 06:56, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> When (not if) the prominent bilingual sign is restored, you will be  
>> pleased to know that the Signage Panel has agreed that it should  
>> read:  PEDN AN WLAS, yes, with the pre-occlusion.  I have managed  
>> to get a policy agreed that pre-occlusion in place-names will be  
>> written where it is historically found.  Not an easy achievement  
>> when you consider that the Signage Panel and its active advisors  
>> consists of 4 KK-SWF/K users; one who takes a "broad church" view  
>> (Rod Lyon), and myself, the only traditional Cornish representative.
> Ray Chubb
> Portreth
> Kernow
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