[Spellyans] Gwask an Orlewen: dyllansow, Metheven 2012

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A gothmans whek,

Gwask an Orlewen yu lowen deryvas try dyllans noweth rak fleghes ha dallethoryon yonk—3 r-lyver gans Beatrix Potter a yl bos yscargys hep cost. Scryfys re bons yn Kernewek Unys (KU) lemen, mar carses ta aga gweles yn ken orgraf tradycyonal, ty a alsa danvon r-post dhym (wosa pup tra, G an O a wra scodhya PUP form scryfa hengovek!). 

An kensa deu whethel, Mestresyk Moppet ha Conyn Gwyls Garow,  a ve dyllys solabrys yn form kennennow cot war YouTube:

Gwask an Orlewen is happy to announce three new publications for children and young learners—3 e-books by Beatrix Potter, which can be downloaded free of charge. They're written in Unified Cornish (UC) but, if you'd like to see them in some other traditional orthography, why not send me an email (after all, G an O does support ALL trad spelling systems!). 

The first two stories, Mestresyk Moppet and Conyn Gwyls Garow, were published earlier as short films on YouTube.

25a) Whethel Mestresyk Moppet. Beatrix Potter
25b) An Conyn Gwyls Garow. Beatrix Potter
29) Dyw Logosen Dhrok. Beatrix Potter

Gans pup bolunjeth da,

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen
…dyller yn Kernewek Gwyr:

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