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One of the Cornish language magazines had an article on this back in April

If I am translating correctly is states:-

c. 1868 BM was discovered.

1872 Whitley Stokes published BM

1881 the gate was erected at St Mawnan.

1920 The graveyard was enlarged.

No one knows exactly when the inscription was put on the gate.

The article gives the same translation as Nicholas.

[I am no expert, but the Gothic script may give a clue]

I hope that helps


On 31 May 2012 09:26, Ray Chubb <ray at spyrys.org> wrote:

> Craig, do you have any information on the pedigree of this inscription?
> On 30 Me 2012, at 22:38, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
> The lych gate at Mawnan church.
> <mawnan.jpg>
> I believe this is a line from one of the Miracle Plays: In SWF:  Da dhymm
> hedhyw nessa dhe Dhuw.
> I'm told that there is more inside the church but every the I go there the
> place is locked up.  Probably to stop the Owlman (who haunts the woods
> around the chruch) and Morgawr ( our sea monster who lives at the mouth of
> the Helford below the church) from getting in.
> Mawnan (patron is the Celtic St Maunan) illustrates a need to have the
> <au> graph added to SWF for loan words (dauns, cauns, etc) and ancient
> personal names (Austol, Maunan, Maugan, etc).  SWF uses <o> and  <Ostel,
> Monan, Mogan not only look awful but invite widespread mispronunciation).
>  Then, for Lannvausa (St Mawes) the SWF does what KK did and writes
> <*Lannvowsedh>!  Why? - it's the same vowel!
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